26th May 2006

bbkRC 2006-1.1 is now available. You are welcome to download it.

The Help Files are not yet complete and will be updated and made available as soon as possible. If you use bbkRC on a PC that is connected to the Internet you will informed of available updates when you start the program.

bbkRC contains new features and some improvements to the existing features.

  • Help files
  • Backup and Restore to Hard Dive and Memory Stick
  • Personal Bests
  • RIDE Scoreboard
  • More qualifying formats supported
  • Wet/Dry Race Rules
  • Car/Bike/Truck vehicle types
  • Automated T-Time/Open Practice Announcements
  • External Style sheets for Web Publish

We have been busy improving the Automated Commentary, Booking In, CSV files (for WEB integration), Explore Races, Transponder Monitoring, Nitro Race Starts, Missing Vehicle Warnings, DRIVERNET, PDA Results and lots of minor improvements.

Downloads: To install bbkRC 2006-1.1 or upgrade previous versions of bbkRC (2005-1, 2006-1) download and run the following file:

bbkRC2006-1.1.msi 35.8MB

You MUST close bbkRC before you can install the new version of bbkRC. The installation will not remove any files from your earlier bbkRC system.

To install bbkRC Netscreen 2006-1 download and run the following file:

bbkRCNetScreen2006-1.msi 797Kb

You MUST close bbkRC Netscreen before you can install the new version of bbkRC Netscreen.

You may need to delete your current bbkRC Netscreen in order to allow the new version to install.

The following Help File is Installed when you install bbkRC 2006-1.

You can view this help before downloading and installing bbkRC.

Online HELP for New Features here.

Download Help for New Features to your PC (4Mb) here. Save it to your Desktop or other location.
You may need to unblock access. Right Mouse Click the Icon and select Properties. Unblock then Apply then Close. The Help File will then operate correctly.





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